Check out the new bands making waves on Trash Can Radio.

Trash Can Radio in not only on 24/7 Online and on all your Apps but also invades Golden Radio on DAB all around London, especially South London and Surrey.

TCR comes on DAB 8pm most days and at 7pm on Wednesday and Thursdays. On Sundays TCR comes on DAB at 5pm.

Tune in on your DAB radio’s to Trash Can Radio by going to Golden Radio.


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Trash Can Radio is now looking for someone with tremendous knowledge and love of Northern Soul to present a show representing this great genre of music. Must be able to pick some cracking tunes, do some short sets and tell us all something about the artists, the labels, anything of interest to do with each track. Contact us via the usual method, info@trashcanradio.com

TRASH CAN RADIO is EXPANDING! We are looking for more people to join us in help creating the most exciting and revolutionary radio station in the UK. We need a SALE REPRESENTATIVE to go out and grab us some great advertising. We need NEW PRESENTERS…people to present a variety of new shows soon to be announced. Anybody interested please contact us at info@trashcanradio.com

We will also be introducing another new show called Eulogy soon. Anyone can send us a eulogy of their long or recent lost loved one with a song of their choice. If you or anybody you know wants to eulogize somebody on our show please contact us at info@trashcanradio.com


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What is Trash Can Radio?

Forgotten what real radio used to be like?
Trash Can Radio is about to shake up the airwaves of South London to bring you the best in trashy Rock’n’Roll, Old School Rhythm&Blues, Punk, Ska, Rockabilly, 60’s Garagepunk and all other kinds of pure trash music.

Where can you can hear us?

We cover South London with 5 million potential listeners and our reach extends even to north of the Thames, you may receive our broadcasts even in Shoreditch!

Can you support us? (Yes you can!)

We are still looking for presenters and volunteers to go out to and get advertising, but most of all we need your feedback and your ears! Check the volunteer page for more information if you want to take part in this revolutionary new station.