Some of you may have heard from my recent announcements on air about the change in our on air name from Trash Can Radio on local DAB radio to Radio Nirvana. We are doing this basically to stay on air by getting more advertising with the new name. The vast majority, if not all, of our listeners at the moment like the name Trash Can Radio, but they are not, except for the very appreciated Donors who have made some wonderful donations, the ones who are digging into their pockets to advertise, sponsor or otherwise support Trash Can Radio financially. It seems many people, our otherwise potential advertisers, have taken issue with the name of the station having the words “Trash Can” in it. Fair enough. To me, to most of you, it is purely a rock and roll name, to go with the “trashy” music we play. It’s the “Room 101” where everything other stations don’t like or won’t play, or think it’s everyone elses’s nightmare and poisons, have decided to throw the stuff we play into, where you can come to find and hear and enjoy on Trash Can Radio…their loss is our gain! By listening and enjoying and commenting how much you love the station you have all proved them wrong. Keep it up!

But… Without going into a whole song and dance about how much and so forth it costs to be on air on the DAB platform all I can say it is bloody expensive. But it was a choice I chose, as Trash Can Radio to be the “David”, to jump into and compete in the same Premier League or Major League of radio with all the usual mega giants of radio stations, the “Goliaths”, …to show it can be done, it was possible to create a station that was for the people, by the people and with the people. DAB radio, like AM and FM radio or “terrestrial radio” is Big Time radio, despite the growing popularity of internet radio, which we are on as well. The music we, and I in particular, and now it seems almost all of you do as well, love and have a passion for, namely rock and roll and it’s associated cousins like rockabilly, r&b, blues, reggae, doowop and more, needed a home of it’s own. That is what Trash Can Radio stands for.

And will continue to stand for.

You will be able to still listen to Trash Can Radio on the internet, on all your mobile devices just as you do now and still on DAB radio. The Trash Can Radio website that you are reading this on now will still be here, the feed to listen to the same programs will not change and you can still hear TCR on your Androids and iPhones. You will still be able to advertise on Trash Can radio as well. New prices will be announced here soon. However, in the next few days those listening to us on DAB radio will see the DSL name change from TrashCan or Trash Can Radio to Radio Nirvana. Our new programs (on DAB radio) will gradually replace during the daytime, some, but not all for the moment at least, the programs you may be used to. But for sure from 7pm till 7am absolutely Trash Can Radio will be on air, on the same DAB station, but called Radio Nirvana. There might be some confusion at first with the show ID’s and even the station ID’s but after awhile the confusion should sort itself out. We may and probably will have some tongue twisters at first trying to decide how to label and ID some of the programs, during the near future daytime programs at least. Radio Nirvana is not something we have hated to create, it is not going to be something terrible to avoid, it can still be your “Musical Heaven”, it is just another way to help keep the great music flowing on air in one way, or another, if you know what I mean. I chose the name, I love the name, and Radio Nirvana will have the same respect for all it’s future programs and advertisers.

So… if you have any confusion, please contact us in the usual fashion by writing to info@trashcanradio.com ¬†You can also still use that email address to continue to contribute with donations as just by having a name change, or re-branding as they call it, that the large bills will not continue. They still will and they still will need to be paid. By advertising on Trash Can Radio you will actually be getting to advertise on both stations, possibly with two different audiences, and get double your monies worth in our keen advertising prices.

The new website to go along with Radio Nirvana is being developed now and can be found at www.radionirvana.co.uk

Those that have placed an order for T-shirts with Trash Can Radio will know soon when the dust settles and there is time to print them up how to officially place an order. Thank you for the many orders and please be patient.

So, in a nutshell…. Trash Can Radio will still continue and will get better now that we anticipate some revenue from becoming in some way as Radio Nirvana. We will still need help, we will still be asking for volunteers to help with presenting great rock and roll shows, with editing in the studio and just keeping the spirit of rock and roll alive with us.

Let’s all say “Je Suis Trash Can Radio”!… as well as give Radio Nirvana your support. They will be “brothers” or “sisters” (maybe “siblings is a better choice of a word!) and one cannot exist without the other…

Any questions… contact info@trashcanradio.com

Mike Spenser

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