You can help support your station. Here is a cool way you can all pitch in and show your support for Trash Can Radio (and Radio Nirvana). For those that donate £5 or more (or the equivalent in any currency) they will get to have up to 1 minute to do a vocal Spot with music of their choice added by us or prepared by themselves if they can do so. This they can simply record on their phones if they want and just send it to us. We can add the music…They will get to personally have their own Spot to ask people themselves to help by donating.  We will then post their name and picture if they have one in our Trash Can Radio Good Guys and Good Gals Golden Frame on our Facebook Page and Group. If they get 15 or more “Likes” by people donating £1 or more (or the equivalent in any currency) we will give the initial donator a free Trash Can Radio T-Shirt. Those who “Like” and themselves pledge and donate more than £5 will in turn get their own Spot, picture in our Trash Can Radio Golden Frame and a chance to win a Trash Can Radio T-Shirt themselves and so on…let’s make this Donation campaign go viral!  Remember, you can go directly to donate via PayPal using our PayPal account