Micky Baron - Superstar Presenter and Resident DJ
Mike Spenser – Superstar Presenter and Resident DJ
Superstar Presenter of the popular show, the Trash Can. Has been resident dj at many zoos around the world including the famous Pirate Radio 603 AM zoo in Aland, Finland, Radio Caroline zoo in the UK and other various zoos around the world. If his tongue and bad breath don’t kill you his wild presentation will send you to the nearest hospital ER.
 Peter GunnPeter Gunn investigate I was confronted by Mike Spenser’s band the Flying Tigers. I say “confronted” because this was in your face rock and roll – punk, before the term was in general use.
Mike announced from the stage that their lead guitarist had failed to show so at the end of the first set I volunteered to step in as I knew most of the songs they were playing and my guitar and amp were in my flat opposite.
Ben Donnelly, the bass player and Phil, the roadie came to help me hump my Selmer Zodiac (red and chrome – wish I still had it) over to the pub and I sat in.
After the show Mike asked me to come down to a rehearsal that weekend. This was when I met the missing lead guitarist Richard Anderson who was brilliant and a major influence on my future playing.
Soon the Tigers morphed into the Cannibals and continued to walk a trashy path for many years to come.
We recorded some tracks at Pathway Studios in Islington North London with master engineer Bazza who worked on many of the early releases on Stiff records. Two tracks (“Good Guys/Nothing takes the place of you”) from this session were released as a single on Big Cock records.
There was quite a bit of media interest in this single and John Peel played it often, sometimes twice in the same show!
After his sad death a small box of his absolute favourite discs was found and the Cannibals 45 was in that box.
Ben Donnelly and I then went on to recruit Bill Hurley to form the Inmates and Tony Oliver from the Cannibals joined us.
The Inmates recorded “Dirty Water” for Soho records but then signed with Radar Records, home of Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Ray Campi, Roky Ericksen and others. We went on to have hits in the USA, UK and Europe……
It’s been an interesting and (mostly) enjoyable trip!
Recently I met up again with Mike and offered to make shows for Trash Can Radio – which I listen to avidly, so after a quick technical tutorial from Mike….GUNN’S GROTTO was created!
If you’d like to contact me please do at

Joey D'Angelo
Joey D’Angelo

Mal Thursday
Mal Thursday

Direct from Austin, Texas, it’s The Mal Thursday Show on Trash Can Radio. The show has been on and off the air since 1987, and is also a long-running podcast on GaragePunk Pirate Radio Network, which also features Mal’s other shows, Florida Rocks Again! and Mal Thursday’s Texas Tyme Machine. Mal lives in Austin, Texas. He has a son, LBJ, a daughter, Tuesday Ann-Margret, and two ex-wives.


Joe Nick Patoski
Joe Nick Patoski

Joe Nick Patoski is the host of the Texas Music Hour of Power on Radio Nirvana/Trash Can Radio. The show originates from KRTS in Marfa, Texas.

Joe is in his fourth decade writing about Texas and Texans. He has authored and co-authored biographies of Selena and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and his book “Willie Nelson: An Epic Life” won the Texas Book Award in 2008. His most recent book for Little, Brown is “The Dallas Cowboys: The Outrageous History of the Biggest, Loudest, Most Hated, Best Loved Football Team in America.”

Patoski’s byline has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, TimeOut New York, Texas Monthly, Austin American-Statesman, Garden and Gun, and No Depression magazine, for whom he is a contributing editor. He also recorded the oral histories of B.B. King, Clarence Fountain of the Blind Boys of Alabama, Memphis musician and producer Jim Dickinson, Tejano superstar Little Joe Hernandez, and 15 other subjects for the Voice of Civil Rights oral history project.

Patoski made his directorial debut with the 2015 documentary film, “Sir Doug and the Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove.”

He lives near the village of Wimberley in the Texas Hill Country where he swims and paddles in the Blanco River.

Count Tom Phobic
Count Tom Phobic
An enigma over 50 years in the making.. One of these things is false, all the others are true

  1. once pissed on David Bowie’s leg
  2. used to sing in Bad Karma Beckons, Helltrain and the Famous Monsters
  3.  currently sings with The Phobics
  4. slept in Morrissey’s bed 
  5. Johnny Thunders threw up on his shoes 
  6. made Millie (my boy lollipop) a glass of hot milk in the sixties
  7. his mum refused to serve Mick and Keith in the Kilburn pub he grew up in
  8. was kissed by Debbie Harry 
  9. was born with six toes on one foot

Little Steven's Underground Garage
Little Steven’s Underground Garage

Steven Van Zandt is a musician, songwriter, performer, arranger, record producer, actor, writer, human rights activist, and international radio DJ. He is a founding member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band and an original principal cast member of The Sopranos.

Music Producer – Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Artists United Against Apartheid, Darlene Love, Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul, Gary U.S. Bonds, Ronnie Spector, Demolition 23, The Chesterfield Kings, The Cocktail Slippers, and The Breakers. Music Producer, and Band Organizer for the “Monday Night Football” theme on ESPN featuring Hank Williams Jr. and the All-Star Band, 2007.

Film Music Supervisor – “Between the Lines” Directed by Joan Micklin Silver, for MGM, 1977 – “Christmas with the Kranks” Directed by Joe Roth, for Sony Pictures, 2003 – “Not Fade Away” David Chase film, for Paramount Vantage, 2012. – “Lilyhammer” Various Directors, 8 Episodes Worldwide Distribution, Netflix for North and South America, release date 2012


Song’s performed by: Jackson Browne, Pearl Jam, Jimmy Cliff, Southside Johnny, Darlene Love, Gary U.S. Bonds, Ronnie Spector, Nancy Sinatra, Brian Setzer, Black Uhuru, the Cocktail Slippers, Lone Justice, The Breakers, and The Chesterfield Kings.

Theme songs for Film and TV: – “All Alone On Christmas” (Home Alone 2) – “Time of Your Life” (Nine Months) – “When Your Angels Get Lost” (SIS- pilot) – “Lilyhammer Nocturne” (Lilyhammer)

Political Activist Political affiliation: Independent – Performs at “No Nukes” concert in New York City – Performs for “Vietnam Veterans of America”. – Produces and performs at “LaBamba’s Christmas Show for the Benefit of Missing Children” – Establishes the Solidarity Foundation to promote the sovereignty of indigenous peoples and to foster economic development in harmony with the earth. – Founds “Artists United Against Apartheid” – Twice honored by the United Nations for his “Sun City” project and film, and involvement with “International Peace Day” along with Peter Gabriel. – Performs for Amnesty International – Editorials for The Huffington Post, Politico, and New York Times on subjects like South Africa, Campaign Finance, Disaster Relief, and Haiti.

Actor – Original Principal Cast Member on HBO’s legendary television series The Sopranos playing the role of Silvio Dante in all seven seasons. (1999 -2009) – Stars in “Lilyhammer”, February 2012, first original programming for Netflix

Television Producer – Executive producer of Underground Garage A Go Go Battle of the Bands for MTV (2004) – Executive Producer of “ESPN’s New Year’s Eve with Little Steven’s Underground Garage” for VH1 (2005) – Executive Producer of “Cheap Trick or Treat Halloween Ball” (2006) – Executive Producer of “Lilyhammer” (2012) – 10 Treatments in development.

Radio Producer – Creator of the internationally syndicated radio show Little Steven’s Underground Garage (2002), which now has over 1.2 million listeners in North America alone, affiliates across Europe, and broadcast to over 190 countries around the world via Voice of America and American Forces Network. – Creator and Executive Producer of the first two channels of original content on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, the Underground Garage (Sirius XM 21) and the Outlaw Country channel (Sirius XM 60). Steven remains the only Content Creator to have two 24/7 channels of original content on satellite radio.

Wicked Cool Records – 2006 marked the beginning of Wicked Cool Records, the record label started to further support traditional Rock and Roll, now called Garage Rock. Wicked Cool is home to twenty bands including The Chesterfield Kings, The Woggles, The Breakers, The Urges, The Len Price 3, The Cocktail Slippers, and others. Among the label’s releases are the critically acclaimed 8 volumes of Coolest Songs In The World compilations featuring the best music from the contemporary Garage Rock scene, CBGB Forever, and the classic Halloween and Christmas A Go-Go collections.

Writer/ Speaker -Writes a twenty-five page script per week for 550 plus weeks for the syndicated radio show – Wrote a weekly column for 80 plus weeks and established a Garage Rock music chart for Billboard magazine (2006-2007) – Co-wrote 8 episodes of “Lilyhammer” – Keynote speech at South by Southwest (2009) – Keynote speech at The Lions Advertising Awards, Cannes (2009) – Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductions The Rascals (1997) Frank Barsalona (2005) The Hollies (2010) The Faces/Pretty Faces (2012) – Inducted Gary U.S Bonds into the R+B Hall of Fame (1997) -Speech on “The Role of the Arranger” for E Music (2010) – Speech at the University of Oslo, Music School (2011)

Rock and Roll Forever Foundation A foundation dedicated to the development, preservation, dissemination, and continuing support of Rock and Roll, past, present, and future. Currently developing a 40 chapter online curriculum on the history of Rock and Roll and it’s role in American culture with the Teachers College of Columbia University. Pilot program set to launch in schools in 2013.



James Riley
James Riley
James Riley
My mom’s Elvis albums and movies like American Graffiti and Buddy Holly Story left quite the impression on me that continue to this day. I live in the Nashville, TN area and seek out record stores everywhere I go looking for music that fuels this passion. I’ve done radio promotions for over 20 years and started this radio show in early 2014 as an outlet to help spread music that moves me. My goal is to help people remember the music they loved and turn them on to new favorites. Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour is a unique blend of modern and vintage rockabilly, blues, surf, roots, early rock and country. We have exclusive interviews with artists both new and legendary like Dion, The Beach Boys, Billy Burnette, Robert Gordon, Phil Alvin (The Blasters), Kim Wilson (Fabulous Thunderbirds) and much more!

Matt the Cat
Matt the Cat
Matt The Cat spends most of his time at Rosie’s Juke Joint, sippin’ on whisky and polishing the ol’ Rockola Jukebox, which is filled with 78rpm Rhythm & Blues records.  When the whisky runs out and all the women are gone, Matt dusts off the real gems and spins ‘em for you each week on the “Juke In The Back.  These are the records that you couldn’t hear on the jukebox in the front of the establishment back in the 1940s and early ‘50s. To hear all this great rhythm & blues, you had to go to “Juke In The Back.” Join him each week on Trash Can Radio and hear how this great music gave birth to Rock n’ Roll.

Mike Rogers Profile Picture
Mike Rogers
 The crazy Mike Rogers, marooned in Tokyo so he has nothing better to do then put together a gob smacking great show of pure Japanese and world wide trash!